Booking A Luxury Safari in Africa

You will usually stay two nights minimum at each accommodation. Accommodations can be resorts, safari lodges or exclusive tents. The best Tanzania Rwanda Safari itineraries combine a variety of these accommodations. Throughout the safari, expect to visit areas with different climates or animal populations.

Knowing how many days you want to spend in Africa and at what time of year is very important information to have when you start booking a luxury gorilla safari. Most of the continent’s best safari experiences depend entirely on naturally occurring factors, like seasonal rainfall.

Know Where You Want to Go. Start with having a specific goal for your safari. Maybe you’ve dreamt of seeing wildebeests since you were a child, or seeing gorillas, or seeing all the Big 5 in the wild. What animals or experiences are at the heart of your dream safari?

Have a Budget Estimate; An African safari is not an inexpensive holiday. Even though there is a wide range of available itineraries and travel styles, there are a lot of logistics involved in going on safari in Africa. It’s also worth keeping in mind that safari lodges must deliver excellent service, food and accommodation in very remote destinations.

Know your travel style; is a matter of personal preference and influenced by the people you intend to travel with, your budget, and the time you have available for your vacation. If your budget is limited, you’ll want the most affordable options. If you have limited time, you’ll want the most efficient travel logistics.

Choosing a travel agent who can add true value to your African safari. Avoid agents employed by a specific lodge, safari activity operator or marketing company. This is because they will only give you what they have at hand leaving out what would be the best for your safari.

A great agent takes the time to get to know your preferences, addresses your all concerns, and offers you detailed, up-to-date travel advice. Good planning reduces risk and increases rewards – from making savvy savings to smart splurges, the best agents deliver vacations that you’ll be talking about for the rest of your life.