Rent a Fully Equipped 4×4 Camper in Uganda

Rooftop Tent Car Uganda

Jeep Camper is fully equipped with automatic transmission, cruise control, heating and AC, and 4-wheel drive. It’s the perfect choice for adventurous excursions, mountain biking getaways, and national park tours. The Jeep Camper’s pop-up rooftop tent makes it easy to set up camp after a long day of exploring. The custom-built kitchen in the back of the Jeep Camper includes a 1-burner pull-out stove, a sink with a 3.5-gallon water tank, and an efficient Domestic cooler.

These 4×4 camper jeeps are equipped with rooftop tents to experience an iconic camping expedition in Uganda. Each rooftop tent features: comfortable mattress for 2 persons, guaranteed built in flat board, and wide widows for ventilation. If it’s not single rooftop, it can be double rooftop tent for 4 people or family rooftop tent for 3 individuals to experience sleeping under the stars in Uganda.

Encounter sleeping in a rooftop tent under the stars, lounging in camping furniture by the fire and making delicious camping food, lazing on camping furniture by the fire and making mouth-watering camping food.

The loading area has enough space for camping gear as well as your personal luggage.  It is so much easier and simple to put up the mounted rooftop tent reducing on the time spent hence being time efficient.

These fully equipped camping 4×4 jeeps come with everything you need for a comfortable and safe self-drive safari in Uganda. These vehicles include rooftop tents, fridges, lights, gas cookers, tables & chairs, bedding and towels as well as a kitchen box.

Everyone should be able to experience the beauty of the country’s wilderness in the comfort of a fully equipped 4×4 camper jeep. You have the ability to sleep anywhere as long as there is security.

The pricing camper jeep depends on the location, the number of people, the length of the rental period, their availability and the season. So they will only be able to give you a quote based on specific dates.

If you are looking for an adventurous camping trip or simply wish for a comfortable place to sleep after sunset, we are at your service!! As all of our customers come back saying, Nothing will offer a greater way to explore the country than traveling around with a roof top camper Jeep rental.

4×4 camper Jeeps are rugged, versatile, and perfect for your next escapade through the country’s stunning terrains. You see, when it comes to exploratory travel with a lot of comfort, not all vehicles are created equal. Jeeps offer an unparalleled blend of on-road and off-road capabilities. This means you can go from cruising the scenic byways to tackling rugged terrains without breaking a sweat.

Enjoy your adventure as you take the road less travelled in the 4×4 rooftop Jeep Camper. It comes loaded with an easy-to-use pop-up hard-shell rooftop sleeper tent and a custom-built kitchen for extended trips or weekend getaways. Designed for the entire discovery, the 4×4 rooftop Jeep Camper tackles winding mountain paths, tight city corners, and everything in between in style.

The Jeep Camper’s pop-up rooftop tent is easy to set up after a long day of exploring. The custom-built kitchen in the back of the Jeep Camper includes a 1-burner pull-out stove, an efficient Domestic cooler and all related kitchen utilities.


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