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Meditate upon your holiday when you’re sloping into the tropical mountainous wilderness with the intention of looking for gorillas. This sounds so crazy, but it’s one of the most catching moments on a holiday to Rwanda and Africa at large. Gorilla safari holidays have proven to be the African highlights of the rest of the adventures. If you wish for something very captive, then think of taking this Rwanda gorilla safari holiday.

The famous Visit Rwanda scheme of world-famous football clubs like Arsenal, Bayern Munich, and PSG bumps into the gorilla captions. A holiday trip to Rwanda is never complete without gorillas. This kind of holiday leads you into the gorilla kingdom, where mountain gorillas are endemic to only this zone. Rwanda is among the three blessed countries to host gorilla individuals in their tropical zones.

Gorilla trekking is about an early morning wake-up and a hurry to roll into the volcanic tropical forests and initiate a search for the gorillas. The trek continues through the slopes, valleys, and highlands; the gorilla forests are the continuation of the central African forest. One of Rwanda’s most rewarding moments is finding yourself before the jungle giants, the mountain gorillas.

The Best Time to Go on a Gorilla Safari in Rwanda

Rwandan weather is marked by one short dry season and one short wet season, one long dry season, and one long wet season. Trekking and hiking to see the mountain gorillas are considered a year-round experience.

However, the ideal time to visit would be the dry seasons between December and February and then between June and September. We must stress how important it is to book in advance in order to secure your gorilla permits!

Many travelers aren’t put off by the rainy season either (March to May and in November), as that offers dramatic photo opportunities and is the optimum time for tracking chimpanzees. To help you decide the best time to visit Rwanda, take a look at our month-by-month guide to when to go below.

The best alternatives for Rwanda gorilla safari holidays

Gorilla holiday experiences can be achieved with various holiday alternatives. All these depend on which offer you would prefer; actually, gorilla holiday safaris are always open for guests to tailor their own packages.

Gorilla holidays can be tailored right according to the number of days one has on his trip. Travelers with limited time in Rwanda can even do a one-day gorilla tour and return for their next flight back home. It’s possible for shorter days as well as incredible for longer days, as it attracts several encounters on the holiday.

  • One-day gorilla holiday safari
  • 3 days gorilla holiday safari
  • 5 days gorilla holiday safari
  • 7-day gorilla holiday safari

The longer the holiday goes, the more enticing it is, with a lot of encounters. Rwanda is not such a wide country like the rest of the safari countries in East Africa, but its stature offers such an incomparable experience. The longer you spend on a gorilla safari holiday in Rwanda, the more your holiday becomes exciting.

The other is to combine your gorilla safari with other wildlife safari catchers. After gorilla holidays in Rwanda, there are other popular adventures to consider adding to your list, and these include chimpanzee tracking, wildlife safaris, volcanic hiking, and cultural trips, among others. Actually, a complete holiday safari in Rwanda should contain gorillas, chimpanzees, and wildlife.

What to consider when planning a gorilla safari holiday in Rwanda

Permit reservation

Having a permit requires first checking the availability of permits with the Rwanda Development Board (RDB). Using your tour operators, you have to send your permit money, which is the top priority. It’s advisable to start at least three months before your tracked month. The process of acquiring the gorilla permits is easy and transparent, and you will surely have a lifetime experience with the gorillas.

What to Pack

Gorilla holidays need just enough preparation; there is nothing more rewarding than positioning yourself for the trek. Always have the right backpack, and consider including the following: trackers, jungle boots, rain jacket, long-sleeved shirt, binoculars, camera, enough drinking water, energizing foods, etc.

Who is Eligible for Gorilla Trekking?

Gorilla safaris are never entertaining for families with children under the age of 15. Gorillas are only available for trekkers who are old enough to handle nature. When you have a mature family, then you’re good to go, but on holidays with little children, it’s impossible for them to trek the gorillas.

However, above the age of 15, there is no limit on trackers. It’s also important to note that there are other instances where guests are not allowed to trek with gorillas. Sick people are not allowed to access gorillas; the apes are known for being endangered species and are very conscious about

Where to stay on a Rwanda Gorilla Safari Holiday

It’s known that gorilla holidays in Rwanda are for upmarket trackers; this is primarily determined by the luxurious permits, which are backed up by the luxurious accommodation existing in the park. Volcanoes National Park mostly hosts visitors going to track gorillas. The accommodation facilities available here are almost all luxurious. However, even those who can afford the permit would need less expensive accommodations.

Among the accommodation facilities to stay at for your night on a gorilla holiday, these are experiences, and standards between the various options can differ according to location. Sabyinyo Silver back Lodge is in enviable close proximity to Volcanoes National Park.

While Volcanoes Virunga Lodge is an eco-friendly option in one of the most stunning locations on the continent, Mountain Gorilla View Lodge also offers a mid-range choice with close proximity to the park. Throughout the rest of Rwanda, accommodation varies, with the majority of investment having been made around the gorilla park. Read more on where to stay.




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