Is It Easy to Take Self Drive in Uganda?


Yes, it is easy and safe to take self-drive all-around Uganda. Uganda is one of Africa’s safe and friendly countries. Many travelers to the country are pleasantly surprised as how hospitable, friendly, gentle and welcoming Ugandans are. Self-driving at your own pace is the best way to explore Uganda.

A self-drive car rental safari gives you the freedom to drive yourself around the country in your own vehicle. It is the most affordable way to see the park and gives you flexibility and the thrill of spotting wildlife at your leisure. You will need a 4WD to visit any of Uganda’s major wildlife parks, Uganda has the best of everything that Africa has to offer, packed into one small exciting destination.

Planning to self-drive

The intention of having fun on a 4×4 rooftop tent road trip starts with planning and organizing of your safari tour. Some tourists may wish to drive and visit all the national parks of Uganda for game drives and tracking activities.

It’s full of excitement the moment you get in touch with 4×4 Car Hire Uganda, selecting the travel route especially taking upcountry destinations where you have never been before.

The good thing about self-driving in Africa is that you decide where you want to go, what to do at a particular day and when to travel to a particular destination.

Is self-driving safe?

Uganda is considered safe for self-driving but tourists should make sure to always lock their car and avoid driving at night, and not leave valuables unattended. To ensure safety from scammers and wrong companies, tourists should check the credibility of the company before handing.

Often some tourists are fooled by an animal’s cuteness and beautiful appearance, which makes them forget about the necessary safety precautions that these remain wild animals. “Respect that this is a wild animal territory and this is Africa!”.

They might look all cute and beautiful but are actually not used to humans. Make sure to follow the guidelines and safety rules of the national parks and self-driving is safe as the client makes it.

But the main issue is to remind our clients that they are in the wild and anything could be lurking behind a bush or a shrub. Visitors should keep a healthy distance from animals, especially mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, elephants, rhinos, buffaloes, lions and leopards because accidents tend to happen when visitors get overconfident and excited.

For those clients who wish to undertake their first self-drive safari tour, we suggest they book at least one game drive with a guide so that they can get a feel for the area and the wildlife they may encounter.

How do you want to explore Uganda?

Do you want to travel with self-drive car and camp rental; is it car rental with accommodation or car rental with driver/guide? Whether you self-drive in your own vehicle or rent a car, we at 4×4 Car Hire Uganda we offer self-drive safari packages of freedom and flexibility of driving at your own pace.

How and where can we find wildlife when driving around?

Uganda is one of the most stimulating countries to visit in Africa for a road trip. All park activities are done with highly trained, experienced and skilled Uganda Wildlife Authority rangers. If you want to see wildlife in the parks, wake up early because animals are most likely to be active during sunrise and sunset when temperatures.

Behind the scenes, the army patrols the parks, especially on the border. Even drones help with safety and security and detect poaching activities or any unauthorized people in parks.  While in the national parks, do not speed, drive slowly and keep your eyes and ears wide open.

Watch out for movements in the bush, and be very patient. Waterholes and Hides are great for viewing wildlife, as the animals will always come looking for water and many birds as well. Talk to other visitors and watch the sightings board in the various camps.

Self-drive car and camp

We 4×4 Car Hire Uganda, we own a fleet of 4×4 Toyota Land cruiser V8, Land cruiser TX, Land cruiser Prado, Nissan patrol, RAV4 vehicles. Drives in 4WD vehicles are the most common ways to explore, walking options are rarely permitted in national parks. Boat excursions are another possibility in some national parks. Do you want to enjoy the flexibility on yourself drive safari?

Our fleet of cars can be equipped with a rooftop tent, pop-top with rooftop sleeping area, or can hire a ground tent for your camping adventure in Uganda.

They also have fridges, a gas stove, cooking equipment and cutlery, bedding, camp tables and chairs. Both options come with a full set of quality camping gear, so you can experience the real African bush.

At the upper end of the self-drive market, there are options for those who want the best of both worlds: to experience the thrill of driving off-road, stay in more luxurious lodges and tented camps, and let someone else make all of the arrangements. Therefore, 4×4 Car Hire Uganda is the pick of the companies offering this service.


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