4×4 Rooftop Tent Car Rental in Uganda

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Camping safaris are often the best way to go when trying to experience the best of Ugandan wilderness safaris. Whenever you mention camping safaris; there are a number of things to put into consideration ranging from tents, mattresses, sleeping bags, camping light, and a lot of things that come along with the camping gear.

A rooftop tent is locked on top of the car giving you an opportunity to use the car top as the camping ground. Anyone that is not comfortable sleeping on the ground during their wilderness camping safari would prefer a rooftop tent.

However, there are a number of rooftop tents out there and you have to be specific on which type of rooftop tent you would wish to go for. One of the things to consider when choosing the rooftop tent is the mattress size, the number of people it can accommodate; which all influence the cost of hiring a particular rooftop tent.

Rooftop tents can be classified into two types, hard-shell rooftop tents, and soft-shell roof top tents. Most of the hard-shell rooftop tents have either a pop-up opening format while the soft-shell rooftop tents have 180 degrees opening style.

Explore Uganda with your own 4WD Car rental with single or double family rooftop tent and enjoy the ultimate camping experience! We offer driver guided & self-drive safaris, just 4×4 Land Cruisers with rooftop tent.

Traveling with your own 4×4 car with camping gear through the African bush is an experience you will never forget; watching the wild animals from your own rooftop tent; exploring game parks with your own 4×4 Land cruiser vehicle allows you to stop whenever you want; camping at the beautiful located and well-equipped camp sites of Uganda.

All our 4×4 Land cruiser with rooftop tent rentals come with amazing car rental services which includes; Comprehensive insurance, 24/7 roadside assistance, Free transfer to and from the airport or accommodation, Unlimited mileage, a driver on request at an extra fee, Unlimited advice from a Ugandan Travel Expert, but otherwise excludes; cross border charges, One Way Rental Fee, GPS and/or satellite phone, Visa fees.

Get a range of camper hire vehicles for your African holiday in 4×4 class Land cruisers. A touring holiday with a roof tent Toyota land cruiser is a favourite of camper travelers with budget and time on their hands and preferring sleeping in the wild or middle of the forest while exploring Uganda.

The 4×4 Safari Land cruiser is a normal 70 series Land cruiser hardtop which is either short or long chassis. This 4×4 safari land cruiser is a high performing vehicle and the word legendary is completely a justified description of a Land cruiser 70 series and above.

After many years from its debut, this 4×4 Land cruiser still claim to be the most rugged, most reliable vehicle for handling the hardest conditions and toughest situations which life can throw at it.

This 4×4 safari Land cruiser can carry two or double roof-top tents at a go, therefore it is in position to accommodate four (4) persons traveling together on a single camping adventure trip.

The 4×4 Safari Land cruiser is a standard fleet customized safari in Africa by front-line tour agencies because of its ultimate in dependability. Comes with a pop-up roof, 2 spare wheels, jack lift, wheel spanner among others. Customers or travelers can trust this car to deliver unprecedented performance.

This 4X4 Toyota Land cruiser is a very comfortable, reliable car with a powerful either Diesel or petrol (gasoline) engine and high ground clearance. The 4×4 Toyota Land cruiser is equipped with world class relaxed seats, Air Conditioned and a radio with connection port for your USB and iPod.

This 4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser vehicle is recommended when traveling on rough roads to places like Kidepo, hilly and mountainous topography like in western Uganda and Rwanda even Maasai Mara in Kenya as well as weather changes.

In case you are planning to hire a self-drive 4×4 car or rent with a driver with more than three adults and camping equipment, the 4×4 Toyota Land cruiser is a better ride than any other Vehicle.

Land Cruiser Extended are the real off-road safari vehicles. These have everything a tourist needs in the car on a wildlife safari or camping vacation trip. These are bigger and longer than any other land cruiser.

They have drink coolers, phone charging systems and also have spacious seats with enough leg room, suitable for an African safari. On rental, we offer it with a driver and you fuel it. It can accommodate up to 8 people including the driver. It’s recommended for large luxury safari groups or families.

That fleet of cars is capable of taking you for a Ugandan adventure. This adventure safari will take you to the western jungles of the country that is gifted with various wildlife species as well as beautiful sceneries.

The main destinations in this safari include; Lake Mburo National Park, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park is home to mountain gorillas, Queen Elizabeth national park which known for its diverse wildlife species like tree climbing lions in the Ishasha sector and chimpanzees.

Game drives and boat cruise. Kibale Forest National Park is home to 13 species of primate, white and black colobus, olive baboons, red-tailed monkeys, vervet monkey, among others and around 300 bird species. In fact, you will have yourself a great and memorable experience during these days!


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