Seeing Uganda Tourists Places by Road Trip

Rooftop Tent Car Uganda

Are you interested in Visiting Uganda the Pearl of Africa by road, look no further with 4X4 Car Hire Uganda as the best company in renting 4X4 land cruiser rooftop tent services?

Our 18-day itinerary that included a gorilla habituation trek in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, lion tracking, game drives, and a boat cruise along the Kazinga Channel in Queen Elizabeth National Park, chimpanzee tracking in Kibale Forest National Park, a nature walk in the Bigodi wetlands, game drives in Murchison Falls National Park, a boat cruise on the Victoria Nile to Murchison Falls, game drives in Kidepo Valley National Park, a visit to the Karamojong Community, and Rhino tracking in the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary.

While the itinerary was excellent, it came to life with our driver/guide Emma. His knowledge of Uganda, including its history, culture and wildlife were outstanding. We had lots of interesting discussions and a good time, what is important if you are so close to each other for several days. We could not have had a better driver or guide.

Jackie is responsive, pleasant and patient. She worked with us over weeks and months to plan every detail as we requested. She responded to nearly every request within 24 hours. And after we arrived, she worked to make a few last-minute additions to the agenda. The entire 18 days went off without a single hitch.

He was quick to use his experience as a park ranger in both Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Queen Elizabeth National Parks and his extensive network of contacts to help ensure that every aspect of our trip and experiences were the best they could be. The trip exceeded our expectations.

We were impressed with the abundance and variety of wildlife; last but not least he has an incredible knowledge of the national parks and the animals. We managed to see all of them including lions and leopards. Beautiful and intense time!

The treks are vigorous. You will climb up and down steep, rocky and muddy slopes. But don’t let that stop you regardless of your age. Unless you are young, fit and an experienced climber, you should/must hire a porter to help you. Paying a porter is a great help to the local community, so consider hiring one even if you believe you can traverse the difficult terrain without one.)

The porters carry your back pack, but also guide you along the way. There is no trail to follow 100% of the time park rangers create a trail by hacking through the dense growth with machetes. Your porter will hold your hand and lift you up if necessary to keep you on your feet and moving!

Getting to spend an hour with mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, golden monkeys, and wildlife is, indeed, the experience of a lifetime for those of us who love seeing animals in the wild. You will be remarkably close to them without any significant danger.

Our lodges were mostly quite good. Do check out the reviews of each lodge for further comment about the lodge and its food. The 4X4 Car Hire Uganda will help to book for you at your choice of lodges if they are available on your schedule. We booked “luxury” accommodations. But “luxury” is a relative term when you are hiking in remote places. Don’t expect a 5-star lodge.

These are “eco” lodges most run on solar or hydro power. The point of the trip is to see the animals, not to bask in luxury. In the higher elevations, it will be cold once the sun is down. Most lodges have fireplaces in the rooms and hot water bottles in your bed, but no central heating. Very few have air conditioning, but it really isn’t needed at night.

Just be prepared and you will enjoy this trip. Most lodges are lovely and comfortable with good to excellent food. In summary: Don’t hesitate to book and plan your trip with 4×4 Car Hire Africa.


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